Oxmo Puccino / Opera Puccino - 2LP Vinyl

Oxmo Puccino / Opera Puccino - 2LP Vinyl

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OPERA PUCCINO celebrates its 20th anniversary! New remastered edition + 5 rarities

Rarely has a first attempt been such a masterstroke. Oxmo Puccino begins his career with an album which already gives a glimpse of his class as a complete and original artist. Time Bomb's production is in the “boom bap” spirit of New York rap, carefully produced but from the outset it is the rapper's unique flow that hits you.

All in flexibility and induced rhythm, he innately possesses a rare groove in French rap, which is all the more striking as his texts are of infinite richness, all in bold metaphors, in alliterations, in ruptures, in euphonies ... This technicality, which is never flashy, is forgotten because the rapper establishes a sort of confidence. He doesn't raise his voice, he doesn't need it to be heard, the musicality of his rap is enough to hypnotize the audience.

As for the themes chosen, they meet this requirement. “The Alone Child” draws tears with its truthfulness and the excellence of its writing, “Mensongeur” is a crafted social and loving commentary. Finally, the art of Oxmo Puccino , which made him famous, and which he will develop throughout the years to come, is this ability to describe situations as if he were narrating a film, with meaning. impactful image. Nobody knows how to rap thrillers like this man, “Alias ​​John Smoke” is a breathtaking blue thriller. And Opera Puccino is a first major disc.

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1. Visions of Life
2. Black Mafioso (Interlude)
3. Hitman
4. Who Can Deny It!
5. Black Fear
6. The Lonely Child

1. AKA Jon Smoke
2. Few People Know (Interlude)
3. Love & Jealousy
4. 24 Hours To Live
5. Sacred Saturday Evening
6. The Day You Leave

1. Spell
2. Black Cyrano De Bergerac (Interlude)
3. Lying
4. The Letter (So Many Things to Say)
5. The Law of the End Point
6. Die 1000 Times

1. If You Like Your Clique
2. Kijujqui?
3. Homeless
4. Les P’tits D’ici
5. Die 1000 Times (Acoustic Trio)