P.R2B / Dreams (EP) - 12" Vinyl

P.R2B / Dreams (EP) - 12" Vinyl

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P.R2B is raw energy, striking images, a taste for beats and singing that burst forth.

Discover “Dreams” his first EP.

P.R2B ( Pauline Rambeau de Baralon ) grew up in Bourges between clarinet lessons, the blues of a guitarist father, classical music and French song, whose fanciful images fascinated her as much as the irreverence of Eminem, 2Pac or Dr. Dre. It is with the releases of “Océan Forever” and “La chanson du bal” that P.R2B made his unique talent known. A graduate of Femis, P.R2B also produces her own clips, such as that of “Dolce Vita”, an ode to freedom and love. It's all there now. Ready to be heard, shared, and ignited.

Tracks from the EP:

In front of
1. Dreams
2. Dolce Vita
3. The film in reverse

Side B
1. The prom song
2. Ocean forever
3. The beautiful month of August