P.R2B / Gamma Rays - CD

P.R2B / Gamma Rays - CD

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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

1. The prom song
2. Melancholy
3. Gamma Rays
4. My best life
5. Letter to P.
6. Mom
7. Who are the culprits
8. Punta Cana
9. The swimming pool
10. Nothing good anymore
11. My brother
12. female dog of life

Immerse yourself in the unique universe of P.R2B : real name Pauline Rambeau de Baralon , this young artist is by far the one you absolutely must follow this fall: a true promise of French song, P.R2B presents Rayons Gamma , his first album. Love, movement, the little things of everyday life, revolt and hope: that's what Pauline sings throughout these 12 tracks prompting introspection as much as letting go on the dance floor !