Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite / Canyon Diablo - CD

Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite / Canyon Diablo - CD

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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Track Listing:

1. Hit the Ground Running
2. Don't Lay Your Fate
3. Strange Intuition
4. Everything Under the Sun
5. Devil's in My Car
7. Keeping My Head Above the Water
8. All This Madness
9. HelloHello
10. The Place

Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite debut album " Canyon Diablo " is modern, yet also evokes and displays a vintage vibe (think vintage Shelby but with a touch screen and USB port!).

Their diverse influences, from the 60's to cutting edge 2018 helped shape and craft the songs and the sound of the band. Comparisons to Bon Iver, Pink Floyd, Beck and psychedelic and progressive bands of the 70's are only some of the references cited by listeners who have since become ardent fans.

Includes the hit single " Electrified " which made "Playlist of the Week" on Apple Music.