Simple Possession / War of Attrition - LP Vinyl
Simple Possession / War of Attrition - LP Vinyl

Simple Possession / War of Attrition - LP Vinyl

Je me souviens / Propagande
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  • 30th anniversary limited edition, remastered by Le Lab Mastering
  • Vinyl record initially available in 3 colors:
    • Black 180 g (100 copies)
    • Dark gray (
    Gunmetal) 140 g (50 copies) SOLD OUT
    • Red
    140 g (50 copies) SOLD OUT
  • New cover, signed Mélanie Sabourin

Album tracks:

In front of
1. Like a cellar
2. Losing your mind
3. I want it!
4. Go into exile
5. Times are tough

Side B
1. He knows
2. War of attrition
3. Like a cellar (Naked version)
4. Sylvie the redhead
5. I wait for the storm
6. You scream at the system

Éric Goulet is an essential figure in the Quebec musical landscape, whether with his own projects (Les Chiens, Monsieur Solo, Éric Goulet solo) or his productions (WD-40, Vincent Vallières, Yann Perreau, Michel Rivard, etc.). Propaganda and Je me remember are therefore very proud to collaborate with him to reissue his very first album: Simple Possession War of Attrition !

For those who listened to Musique Plus in the 1990s, how can we forget the cult music video for “ Comme un cave ”? In addition to radio hits such as “ J'la toi ”, this remastered 30th anniversary edition will be a good time to rediscover titles with alternative sounds very much from its time ( He knows / S'exiler / J'attends l'orage ), as well as only texts that are not afraid of social commentary ( Times are tough / You shout against the system ). Simple possession , the missing link between Vilain Pingouin and Arseniq33? Maybe!