Prieur&Landry / Surreal Memories - CD

Prieur&Landry / Surreal Memories - CD

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Prieur&Landry is drums, guitar and distortion that are both gritty and soaring under the hammering of a hypnotic rhythm. With a first album of the same name, 1,000 copies of which have now been sold (mainly in concert), the duo presents Surreal Memories .

This second opus, darker, is part of the group's logical continuation: bluesy and stoner rock tinged with grunge which combines heavy riffs and carefully dirty melodies. Ryan Battistuzzi (Breastfeeders, Malajube, We are Wolves) co-signed the production in addition to being responsible for the sound recording and mixing. The productive Richard Addison (Galaxie, Keith Kouna, Chocolat) provided the mastering.

Since 2014, Gabriel Prieur and Eliot Landry have traveled the province in addition to having appeared in the programming of the FME , the Festif! , Woodstock in Beauce and the Coup de Grace of Saint-Prime . In 2016, they also opened for The Cult and Steve Hill at the Quebec Summer Festival. Far from artifice, the two musicians go wild on stage to offer performances that are strikingly authentic.

Album tracks:

1. Never Mind Your Loss
2. Only Blood for Your Advice
3. Interlude
4. For Once I Breathe in Control
5. Faded Childhood Blues
7. Surreal Memories