Prieur&Landry / Surreal Memories - LP Vinyl

Prieur&Landry / Surreal Memories - LP Vinyl

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Prieur&Landry are enhancing the listening experience of Surreal Memories , with the release of a version on vinyl. This second opus is part of the group's logical continuation: bluesy and stoner rock tinged with grunge which combines heavy riffs and carefully dirty melodies. Ryan Battistuzzi (Fuck Tout, Breastfeeders, Malajube) co-signed the production in addition to being responsible for the sound recording and mixing. Wanting to capture their musical chemistry and leave room for improvisation, the duo recorded the album without clicks, in the same room. The productive Richard Addison (Galaxie, Keith Kouna, Chocolat) provided the mastering. Surreal Memories currently nominated at GAMIQ for rock album of the year.

Prieur&Landry is a guitar connected to three amps in series and an old drum set left by Eliot Landry's father. After a first self-titled album released in 2015 which sold 1,000 copies, Surreal Memories was released in February 2019 and there are already only 200 copies left of the 1,000 copies.

  • Vinyl record 140 g black
  • Limited edition / Pressing of 300 copies only

Album tracks:

In front of
1. Never Mind Your Loss
2. Only Blood for Your Advice
3. Interlude
4. Just for Once I Breathe in Control

Side B
1. Faded Childhood Blues
3. Surreal Memories