Psycadelick / Tell them - CD

Psycadelick / Tell them - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Lighter
2. She has
3. Please Ft. Zach Chico
4. Danger
5. I won't lie to you
6. Swamp
7. Your hero
8. Maria
9. Tell them
10. I apologize
11. Russian Roulette
12. Break
13. Alive

4th solo album, 10th in career Tell them is everything that makes Psycadelick a unique artist. Independent, not subsidized and 100% self-production, this opus was produced over 3 years. The artist himself did everything from a to z, the instrumentals, the productions, the visuals, the music videos and so on.

An album that's brighter than usual but still with just as much emotion. Dis-them reflects very well the evolution of the artist and his current state of mind.

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