Psychotic 4 / Unlocked Unleashed Unzipped (EP) - CD

Psychotic 4 / Unlocked Unleashed Unzipped (EP) - CD

Indica Records
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Tracks from the EP:

1. No Sorry
2. Suck It Up
3. Bury U Alive
4. Knocking Down Your Wall
5. It's Too Late
6. Little Girls

Rest assured, with a band of stubborn and indomitable characters like Psychotic 4 , the time when rock'n'roll will give up the ghost is still very far from having come. Like a band of superheroes ensuring the immortality of punk-rock whose origins come from the 70s, each member of the Montreal group Psychotic 4 is endowed with a particular musical force, each handling their instrument with an extraordinary passion. common. For Dean Generate , the man at the head of the project, this is a dream that does not date from yesterday. It took a few years and several changes in the alignment of musicians within the group (they have just changed drummers again) before this entity took shape which combines the authenticity of rock'n'roll , the insolence of punk and the exuberance of glam rock.

The project began when the guitarist-singer and his long-time friend, bassist PJ Stagger , ended their collaboration with their previous group, in order to embark on new musical paths, less hardcore and more rock' n'roll. It was in 1999.

Through a friend, they were put in contact with people from the independent label Indica (GrimSkunk), to whom they sent a demo. They were immediately pleasantly piqued by the energy of this music, then by the attitude of the group performing. So they decided to allow him to release an EP, Unlocked Unleashed Unzipped .