Rachid Taha / I am African - CD

Rachid Taha / I am African - CD

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Rachid Taha, who died of a heart attack aged 59, shook up the global music scene with his inventive and fiery fusion of Algerian styles and rock, techno and punk. An engagingly bohemian-looking figure, influenced by the Clash as well as by chaabi and rai music, he became a bestselling artist across the Arab-speaking world and will be remembered for Rock el Casbah, his 2004 treatment of the Clash song Rock the Casbah and for his international dance hit Ya Rayah, as well as for his energy, angry political stance and wit.
He appeared alongside Damon Albarn at many Africa Express events, and Albarn described him as “a beautiful person, very naughty, impish and with bright eyes and generous with his time. I just loved him and always enjoyed performing with him.”
Rachid also collaborated with Brian Eno, Mick Jones, Steve Hillage, Carlos Santana…
"My father spent the last two years of his life working on this album. With his heart and all his soul. Intensely, sincerely, without compromise. Many days and as many nights. This very last album looks like him, in his singularity, in his madness, in his freedom. I hope it will help to make Rachid Taha's words and music sound louder and farther away." Lyes Taha

Track Listing:

1. Ansit
2. Aïta
3. Minouche
4. I am African
5. Wahdi (feat. Flèche Love)
6. Insomnia
7. Andy Waloo
8. Striptease
9. Like a Dervish
10. Happy Ending

Published on September 20, 2019