Raphaël Butler / Raphaël Butler - CD

Raphaël Butler / Raphaël Butler - CD

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The charismatic artist, Raphaël Butler , with a rocker's voice, first became known as a finalist in the singer-songwriter and author-composer categories at the Caraquet Song Gala and a finalist at the Festival international de the song of Granby where he won the favorite prize at the Tadoussac Song Festival.

This album was produced by Éloi Painchaud , an artist with whom Raphaël had wanted to work for a long time.

  • CD Digipak
  • Includes the Hummingbird Camping achievement

Album tracks:

1. Road trip
2. Hidden corner
3. Reset
4. Happier
5. Hummingbird Camping
6. Valerie
7. Ostia is great
8. In my arms
9. Without owing anything to anyone
10. Hangover
11. In love with you