Robin LeBlanc & Nicolas Basque - On the first year to dance - CD

Robin LeBlanc & Nicolas Basque - On the first year to dance - CD

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1. Joe “Crapeau” b) André à Toto as David c) Reel trad. Acadian

2. Reel in three parts to J.-J. Denis

3. Sons to Stanislas, Nazaire and Albert Richardson (Nazaire)

4. 5/4 in Fériole and reel in Gm in Fériole

5. Jig à Chabord, Jig des Vinette, Claude Austin no. 2, Freddy Brown

6. Reel at Chabord and friction machines at J.-J. Denis

7. Evangeline's Scold Set

8. March to Bonaparte and sad look to Fériole like Yvet to Dominique

9. Reel in three quaver parts in Edmond

10. Sarazin

11. Brandy to Gustave McLaughlin

12. Ti-George and Grondeuse to Ben

13. Reel to Jos Saulnier

14. Eighth note suite in A from Firmin Mallet

15. Jig to Claude, Baptiste to Ned in G, Irish jig to Firmin

16. Robert's mother's mouth reel

17. Reel to Gustave, Césaire Fournier and Reel de Leech

18. Reel LeBlanc, Frotteuse à Cabine to Charles and Reel to Pierre Benoît as Gustave McLaughlin

19. Set at Célestin Landry

20. Reel to Emma, ​​Reel to Fériole and Théotime to six-inch

21. Sad mama jig

22. Irishwoman in Firmin

23. Sheep's foot

24. Reel in fiddle to the father of Étienne Larocque (reel of the Grandfather, the father, the son and the daughter)