Ruff Buzz / The Boss & The Hitman - CD

Ruff Buzz / The Boss & The Hitman - CD

BBT Wreck-Hurdz
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Album tracks:

1. Big Bros is Back
2. Sick Beat (feat. Shoddy)
3. Skit
4. Mek’on finesse
5. Listen (feat. Fou Furieux)
6. In the building
8. I was crazy
9. R’hustle
10. Disappear
11. Gone for glory
12. For my neighborhood (feat. SP)
13. Skit
14. They want my skin
15. Mek'on finisse [Legendary Remix] (feat. Psychoze, Nordiqc & Bullet Ghost)
16. Mek'on finisse [Sativa Gang Remix] (feat. Wahlee Sparks, Freaky, Jeune Skeez, Esrom)

Ruffneck (last album release in 2012) and Buzzy Bwoy (last album release in 2010) both return to us on one album, The Boss & The Hitman . RUFF BUZZ . The sound of the project is a hybrid between their classic sound and today's "trap" sound.

The BBT Wreck-Hurdz label, one of the oldest urban music labels in the province, will take advantage of the release of this album to create a new brand image.