S.Pri Black / White Mask - CD

S.Pri Black / White Mask - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Nymeria
2. Finesse (feat. Haute)
3. Butterfly
4. Highlander
5. Middle Finger
6. Michael Jackson
7. Just to See (feat. Nekfeu)
8. My Crew (feat. Nemir)
9. Baby Gyal
10. Chico
11. Narco poet
12. Podium
13. Seck (feat. Viviane Chidid)
14. Skywalker
15. Jujitsu
16. Young Thug (feat. Still Fresh)
17. Beauty is the beast
18. Ariane rocket
19. She has
20. Love
21. Follow Me
22. Gavaria

S.Pri Noir has been rapping for ten years and although he only released his first today, his career is already busy. His particularity is that he is a city rapper who has never given too much in city rap, even if he knows how to do it very well. It is precisely because he has been building his own thing for years that he is so established, so respected, admired, followed by his peers.

Masque blanc is anything but a typical record of the French rap scene of 2018. Featurings, long tracks where the rhythms are discreet if not absent, and then things directly from elsewhere, whether it's Senegalese music, house and then here and there, a lot of these Caribbean, Hispanic, electro or R&B vibrations which today make up the raw material of global pop.

It’s a record that evokes the beginnings of S.Pri Noir – in particular his early taste for old-fashioned “kickage”, that is to say these virtuoso and in-your-face flows like Time Bomb or Secteur Ä – and which is anchored in a present where rap, which has become the most spoken musical language in France, is no longer just a musical genre, but the most widespread and diversified mode of expression which the youth.