Sadik / Monarque - CD

Sadik / Monarque - CD

Mont City Records
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Album tracks:

1. Mont City Records
2. Street Life
3. Fo Real
4. Viking (feat. Cyrus & Farfadet)
5. Lost friendship
6. Montana (feat. Tali-B)
7. The cypher (feat. Heavy Gades & Moun Fou)
8. In the Block (feat. Le Connaisseur)
9. Last Resort (feat. MikeZup)
10. Femme fatale (feat. Souldia & Vagalam)
11. You & Me (feat. Täbi Yösha)
12. Survived
13. Judah (feat. SP)
14. It ends badly

Monarque is the third and highly anticipated new release from Hip Hop artist Sadik , now represented by Mont City Records .

Why is this album a must-have? Because after the deliveries of two big albums now cited as references, Liberté d'expressions (2015) and Réincarnation (2017), Sadik offers us Monarque , his third in his career.

This album, eagerly awaited by fans, will be scrutinized by them. Three years of waiting is a long time! According to reviews and general comments based on the excerpts posted on YouTube, the album is destined for success. The rapper has retained his own style while exploring new areas. An album that promises!