Sainte-Folie / Neverending story - CD

Sainte-Folie / Neverending story - CD

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Sainte-Folie is a group from the North of the Acadian Peninsula in NB. This group was created in 2008. After a few shows, a lot of creations and several practices, the group had to make a stop in 2012. Sainte-Folie returns to the stage in 2019, to now head straight ahead. The group varies its musical creations between folk and rock. The 5 members of the group are: Gaston Cormier (vocals and acoustic guitar), Benoît Landry (keyboard, guitar and vocals), Stéphane Boudreau (electric guitar), Dominique Gallien (bass) and Michel Cormier (drums and vocals).

Gaston Cormier is an outstanding author who learned to play the acoustic guitar by composing his own songs. Other bands and artists have benefited from Gaston's songwriting talent, including Trans Akadi , Dave Puhacz and Thomé Young . Sainte-Folie stands out from the crowd with its personality, its melodies and its catchy lyrics. Each member brings their own color and everything has been well received so far, especially since our return to the stage.

Album tracks:

1. Gone with the wind
2. Nothing has really changed
3. The Mayans
4. Neverending story
5. With the wind
6. French Riviera
7. As Seen on TV
8. The North Wind
9. If you still love me
10. Chocolate