Sandveiss / Saboteur - LP Vinyl

Sandveiss / Saboteur - LP Vinyl

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Sandveiss is back with their second album: Saboteur . The follow-up to Scream Queen (Heavy AOTY/GAMIQ 2015). After having stood out on the airwaves of CHOM and CHOI, at Heavy MTL and on the Plains of Abraham at the FEQ, Sandveiss brings a heavy melodic album to feast your ears on.

  • Limited run of 200 copies
  • 140g black vinyl record
  • Download card included

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Sands of Time
2. Dead Inside
3. The Masquerade

Side B
1. The Divider
2. Saboteur
3. Broken Man's Mind
4. Burning Ropes

Released on October 11 2019