Sébastien Bérubé / Madouesca - CD

Sébastien Bérubé / Madouesca - CD

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Sébastien Bérubé is a multidisciplinary artist from Edmundston, New Brunswick. In music, this singer-songwriter enjoys wandering everywhere that interests him. The important thing for him is to simply create. As he is also a writer and poet, Bérubé likes to call himself a “singer with lyrics”. Which does not detract, however, from the particular timbre of his voice. Winner of Accros de la chanson in 2007 (solo category) and in 2008 (group category: with his current group Cul-De-Sac ), he launched his first album in 2013.

Madouesca was recorded almost entirely in a Madawaska chalet (in 6 days) and mixes the artist's love for music with his love of poetry. This album contains 10 songs and 3 monologues which seek to put forward the idea that one must not only inhabit the territory, but also be inhabited by it. To bring this project to fruition, Bérubé surrounded himself with trusted people: Marc Chops Arsenault, Marc Soucy, Dillon Robicheau, Christine Melanson, Jeremy Ouellette, Ariane Richard and Jean-Pascal Comeau.

Album tracks:

1. Madouesca #1
2. Mary
3. You pierced my heart
4. Rosalie
5. Your star
6. White ink
7. Madouesca #2
8. The poem
9. Last Call my lord
10. Son of a fisherman
11. Heirs of the Wind
12. Winter