Seth Gueko / Destroy - 2LP Vinyl
Seth Gueko / Destroy - 2LP Vinyl

Seth Gueko / Destroy - 2LP Vinyl

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  • Double black vinyl 140 g
  • Gatefold Pouch

Album tracks:

Disc 1

In front of
1. Destroy
2. Benco
3. Barry White Trash (feat. Dosseh)
4. The whole box
5. On the heart

Side B
1. Paris street (feat. Flynt, Jazzy Bazz, Sinik)
2. In a few euros (feat. Sadek)
3. Rap ​​classic (feat. Akhenaten)
4. Barlou tattoo shop
5. Obligé (feat. Alkpote)

Disc 2

Side C
1. Disturb (feat. Kikesa, Misa)
2. Cookies (feat. 13 Block)
4. Calvasse
5. Skeleton

Side D
1. Like father like son (feat. $tosba)
2. Post-It
3. You Know It (feat. Baek, Dala, DIV, Ghost)
4. Safe
5. The 5 fingers of the hand (feat. Kool Shen) [Credit from the film Paradise Beach]

Seth Gueko , an essential artist in the French rap landscape, lover of words, confirms with his new album Destroy , that he still does not usurp his title of “Professor Punchline” , he is the author of the classics “Patate de forain ”, “ Titi Parisien” , “Paranoïak” or even “Ma couillasse” !

This new album with explosive featurings is characterized by its always strong and striking punchlines mixed with current sounds.