Seth Gueko / Destroy - CD

Seth Gueko / Destroy - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Destroy
2. Benco
3. Barry white trash (feat. Dosseh)
4. The whole box
5. On the heart
6. Paris street (feat. Flynt, Jazzy Bazz, Sinik)
7. In a few euros (feat. Sadek)
8. Rap ​​classic (feat. Akhenaten)
9. Barlou tattoo shop
10. Obligé (feat. Alkpote)
11. Disturb (feat. Kikesa, Misa)
12. Cookies (feat. 13 Block)
13. ALB
14. Calvasse
15. Skeleton
16. Like father like son (feat. $tosba)
17. Post-It
18. You Know It (feat. Baek, Dala, DIV, Ghost)
19. Safe
20. The 5 Fingers of the Hand (feat. Kool Shen) [Credit from the film Paradise Beach]

Seth Gueko , an essential artist in the French rap landscape, lover of words, confirms with his new album Destroy , that he still does not usurp his title of “Professor Punchline” , he is the author of the classics “Patate de forain ”, “ Titi Parisien” , “Paranoïak” or even “Ma couillasse” !

This new album with explosive featurings is characterized by its always strong and striking punchlines mixed with current sounds.