Shotto Guapo / Soul Nesia - CD

Shotto Guapo / Soul Nesia - CD

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Having developed its fan base in Quebec as in France and Africa (more than 10,000 fans across Ivory Coast, Algeria and Madagascar and winner in the “Best Diaspora Artist” category at the Abidjan Hip Hop Awards in 2020 ), the Franco-Ivorian rapper native of Abidjan presents his first album, Âme Nesia , produced by the French collective Novengitum and the Quebecois Major and Blaze , with the participation of the duo Dope.gng .

Âme Nesia , a collection in two volumes of 8 titles each, can be taken in all directions: We can start it with the Âme part but also with the Nesia part.

A more colorful and warm soul , defines the human being (his emotions, desire and anger...), with such catchy rhythms. Soul is more grounded in the emotions and spiritual side of human evolution and will leave you on a peaceful note.

Nesia , colder, lingers on the physical world. It defines our origins (where we come from, our history, our origins, our journey...). This part immerses us in a more Trap and Hip-Hop universe. It is part of the action and will leave you an energetic note.

Taken together, Âme Nesia , tells us about amnesia in all its definitions. This tendency that human beings have to forget everything, including their “self” (who they are, their origins, the good and even the evil they can do, etc.)

Album tracks:

1. Sailboat
2. Resin
3. Ashes
4. To death
5. Destiny
6. Bando
7. Validated
8. Pink

9. At the Departure
10. Yeyo
11. Clout (feat Dope.Gng)
12. The walk
13. Condemned
14. Resourceful
15. AmeNesia
16. Never