Simon I / Simon I - CD

Simon I / Simon I - CD

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Simon I , notable of a town in the north of America called Drummondville, decides one day to embark on a project parallel to the noble functions which occupy him on a daily basis. He began writing songs in the language of Shakespeare, Dylan and McDonald. Languages ​​have always fascinated him.

Simon I knows music. Melodies run through his head, rain or shine.

Simon I leaves his land, goes to New Amsterdam, sets to work with gentlemen Gus van Go and Werner F. Simon I likes a job well done. He strives to play almost all instruments.

Album tracks:

1. Face Cream
2. Fleet Week
3. Automatic
4. Switzerland in June
5. Submission
6. Tired All the Time
7. I Hope
8. Day Job (Modern Art Sculpture)
9. Singing About Singing
10. Exquisite Leisure Time