Sinik / Invincible - CD

Sinik / Invincible - CD

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  • CD Jewel Case

Album tracks:

1. The awakening
2. Power Rangers
3. My tattoos
4. The Assassin II
5. The silencer
6. 11 a.m. noon
7. Enfants terribles (feat. Rémy)
8. Different
9. My old demons
10. She was there
11. Boussilé (feat. Souldia)
12. 21 rue de l’avenir
13. Submachine gun
14. Always

The skins shiver, the dust on the mic is swept away with the back of the hand, the assassin of the mic has returned. The pen of the old wolf SINIK has awakened. He has crossed time and fashions to become one of the pillars of French Hip Hop. The king of clash will mark his return in 2019 with the release of his 7th studio album “ Invincible ” to be released on March 8, 2019.