Souldia / Backstage - CD

Souldia / Backstage - CD

7ieme Ciel Records
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Album tracks:

1. Mystery guest
3. Backstage (feat. Eli Rose)
4. Barrel
5. One day at a time
6. Snow Red (feat. Seth Gueko, Sinik & Rick Pagano)
7. Naughty
8. New sun (feat. FouKi & Eman)
9. Sexting
10. Music lover
11. Every Day (feat. White-B)
12. The Phantom of the Opera
13. Dream of Youth (feat. Loud)
14. The last will be first (feat. Farfadet)
15. Merry Christmas (feat. Les Sozi)
16. Gorgeous
17. Méga Mula (feat. Tizzo)
18. Autumn

Backstage is nothing more than a VIP backstage pass. A glimpse of the man behind the beast, written by an unfiltered lyricist. Souldia , master of ceremonies, shares with us a new chapter in his life and takes us on a few trips back in time to melodies from the future.