Souldia / Radio silence - CD

Souldia / Radio silence - CD

7ieme Ciel Records
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  • CD Digipak

Album tracks:

1. SOS
2. KM (feat. YH)
3. Howling Silence
4. Irrecoverable
5. Power to the streets
6. Flash Bang (feat. MikeZup)
7. Dope Boy
8. Mimoza
9. Root
10. Ink Smuggler

In the spring of 2020, when the album Backstage had just been released, our stage beast, alone with himself in confinement, put everything on pause and went back to writing, inspired by the distress calls he received. he hears. Despite a very involuntary radio silence , Souldia was able to take advantage of this solitude to create 10 sharp and powerful songs.