Squeezie / Oxyz (Digipack) - CD

Squeezie / Oxyz (Digipack) - CD

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  • CD Digipack

Album tracks:

1. Oxyz
2. Servis (feat. Gambi)
3. Everything
4. Podium
5. Cheetah (feat. Nemir)
6. Mario Kart
7. Far
8. Interlude
9. Why
10. She led the dance
11. KO
12. Don't worry
13. Not now
14. Years

Lucas Hauchard , known as Squeezie , has grown his audience and gained over 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His creative and eclectic content directly led him to the title of France's favorite YouTuber. Thanks to this community, Squeezie had the opportunity to diversify its activities.

After releasing several successful singles (“Bye Bye feat. Joyca”, “Freestyle du disco feat. Bigflo & Oli”, “Influenceurs”), Squeezie released his first album, with the help of producer Kezah , at his side since the beginning! In these videos, he never hid his love for Japan and therefore decided to go there for 3 weeks last February, in order to start recording there. For this project, he surrounded himself with recognized artists and will share a title with Nemir , or even with Gambi ! This album will mark a turning point in his musical career, and will surprise more than one!