The Halluci Nation / One More Saturday Night - 2LP Vinyl
The Halluci Nation / One More Saturday Night - 2LP Vinyl

The Halluci Nation / One More Saturday Night - 2LP Vinyl

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  • 140-gram Double Black Vinyl
  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Printed Inner Sleeves

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Remember 01 (feat. John Trudell & Black Bear)
2. It's Over (feat. Chippewa Travelers)
3. Tanokumbia (feat. El Dusty & Black Bear)
4. NDN Kars [2020 Remix] (feat. Keith Secola)

Side B
5. Remember 02 (feat. Chippewa Travelers)
6. Stay (feat. Antoine Edwards Jr., Tom Power, Chippewa Travelers)
7. Land Back (feat. Boogey The Beat, Chippewa Travelers)
8. Takarita (feat. Rob Ruha)

Side C
9. Remember 03 (STLNDRMS rework)
10. When We Fly (feat. Jennifer Kreisberg)
11. Ba Na Na (feat. Odario, Haviah Mighty, Chippewa Travelers)
12. The OG (feat. Romeo Saganash, Black Bear)

Side D
13. Collaboration ≠ Appropriation (feat. Tanya Tagaq)
14. Mother Mother (feat. Lillian Allen, SATE, The Northwest Kid, Chippewa Travelers)
15. Remember 04 (feat. Re.verse, Chippewa Travelers)

Acclaimed Canadian DJ outfit The Halluci Nation (formerly known as A Tribe Called Red ) return under a new name with their highly anticipated new album, One More Saturday Night .

The album's seamless tour of eclectic dancefloor styles hits notes from pow wow to house and hip-hop – even some snarling electro-rock. A love letter to the Electric Pow Wow gatherings launched at Ottawa's Babylon nightclub in 2008, the record pays homage to the history, humanity and hours of late-night sweaty abandon that helped the group reach this pivotal point. The band's legacy and future revolve around collaboration.

This upcoming record will be no exception, with features from Texas “electro-cumbia” star El Dusty , and Quebec First Nations singers Black Bear . As inspired and unpredictable as the music, the guest list rounds out with New Zealand Maori artist Rob Ruha , Inuk avant-garde throat singer Tanya Tagaq , among many others.