Tiitof / Everything to win - CD

Tiitof / Everything to win - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Interlude I (Jacob Desvarieux)
2. We have come a long way
3. I am here
4. Hooded
5. Like dad
6. L&F
7. Bagay Bèl (feat. Landy)
8. Not happy
9. A star
10. Two shots
11. Interlude II (Jacob Desvarieux)
12. Bad Mood
13. Sad Melody (feat. Hornet Strikes It)
14. Still on the block
15. Too late
16. Neighborhood (feat. Kodes)
17. At a loss
18. Ciao
19. Not Long (feat. Meryl)
20. Farewell

When we think of Martinique, we think of sun, summer or rum. On the Caribbean island, the imagination conjures up paradise beaches. Inland, the sun hits less strongly than the reality of the street. It is here that Tiitof 's music is born, between two buildings in Morne-Calebasse. In this breeding ground for hard trap, the young Martinican artist stood out in 2016 with the title Pa Tou Sèl , carried by his “ayin pa changed” gimmick.

In French-speaking rap, a lot of things have changed. This music opened up to Belgian and Canadian accents, regional expressions as well as Anglicisms and Hispanicisms. Sometimes Creole, sometimes French, Tiitof speaks to his island, but is part of a new generation of DOM-TOM artists who know that they can also speak to all of France. After establishing himself as an important figure in music in the Antilles, and a share by Booba on Instagram later, Tiitof is ready to expand his audience.

After releasing the album Midi Minuit (2018), he is preparing to release a new album. Now based in Toulouse, he can count on the production talents of Guilty Katrina Squad (SCH, Ninho...). Between melancholic trap tracks and bangers made to shake locks in the club, Tiitof thickens his palette with urban pop tracks. He evokes the street, its hopes and despair, mixing the certainty of his ambitions with the importance of discipline and respect for adults.