Shoot the Coyote & Jeannot Bournival / The Time of Others (EP) - CD

Shoot the Coyote & Jeannot Bournival / The Time of Others (EP) - CD

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Tracks from the EP:

1. The legend of the white horse
Author and composer: Claude Léveillé

2. Birds also distort
Author and composer: Avec Pas d'Casque (Mathieu Charbonneau, Stéphane Lafleur, Nicolas Moussette, Joel Hervé Vaudreuil)

3. Farm life
Author and composer: Clémence DesRochers

4. Jig head
Author and composer: Jim Corcoran

5. Boom Boom
Author and composer: Richard Desjardins

6. For the love we have left
Words: Francine Raymond, Jean Véronneau
Music: Christian Péloquin, Francine Raymond

A welcoming land, a rented repertoire that we inhabit and share again. “ The Time of Others ” was born from the meeting of composer and director Jeannot Bournival with singer-songwriter Tire le coyote .

From covers at the confluence of their journeys, the result is a collection of six songs which bridge the approach of the two creators. Borrowing from the minimalist and nicely offbeat piano playing of Jeannot Bournival , Tire le coyote deploys a sensitive and singular interpretation. A collaborative album like a well-intentioned tip of the hat to pillars of the Quebec repertoire, in these transformative moments. After several months of isolation, the meeting once again becomes a space of risk, a place of possibilities to share.