Shoot the Coyote ‎/ Panorama - CD

Shoot the Coyote ‎/ Panorama - CD

La Tribu
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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

1. At the window
2. My quiet revolution
3. Kamouraska's daughter
4. Combine harvester
5. Patch the future
6. My spinning girl
7. Napkin paths
8. The auction
9. Pretty Anne
10. Miracles sell at a discount
11. On the dock

With Panorama , Tire Le Coyote keeps its line and refines its style by pushing even further the references to the origins of folk, integrating into the melodies: guitar, bass, lapsteel, harmonica, drums, a few violin and clarinet lines. All recorded at Studio Victor, on tapes, the old-fashioned way. Benoit Pinette and Benoit Villeneuve are on mixing (nominated for ADISQ 2013 for Mitan ), Pinette on production.

The texts of Tire Le Coyote stand out for their poetry and their very personal approach to feelings. Fascinated by the ages of life, the strength of love, nature in what it brings essential to humans, he writes songs that touch straight to the heart. A text was offered to him for this album: Les chemins de napkins by Stéphane Lafleur (With no headphones).