Shoot the Coyote ‎/ Acoustic Session Ⅰ - CD

Shoot the Coyote ‎/ Acoustic Session Ⅰ - CD

La Tribu
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Tire Le Coyote returns to the very essence of the material by presenting his songs as an acoustic duo, accompanied by his faithful accomplice Shampouing and by Simon Pedneault for a few songs.

Recorded in three days in a chalet in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, the project wants to return to the essence of folk. Carried by the unique voice of Benoît Pinette and the expert guitars of two men, the texts of such beautiful humanity will shine in all their splendor.

Album tracks:

1. Time bomb
2. Cathedral roof
3. Caulk the cracks
4. Weeding
5. Chainsaw
6. Raw material (unpublished)
7. Jesus
8. Tadpole
9. The sky is backorder
10. My Quiet Revolution
11. Kamouraska's daughter
12. Your arms like a wall