TK / Pas Ouehda - CD
TK / Pas Ouehda - CD

TK / Pas Ouehda - CD

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Appearing on the web in 2017, TK symbolizes the revival of Marseille rap. Like his Panier district, where strollers and crowded terraces rub shoulders with Phocaean harshness, his music is at the crossroads of multiple influences. Lively, open, colorful... impossible to attach a label to it, as the person concerned likes to touch everything. After winning over the public with singles, freestyles and collaborations, TK released his first album: “ Pas Ouehda ”. A complete and eclectic first salvo which will undoubtedly establish him as one of the rising stars of French rap!

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Album tracks:

1. Start of the album
2. Nobody
3. From the Dream (feat. Zaho)
4. Quietly
5. Sunday
6. Crush (feat. JUL)
7. Freestyle Skyrock 4
8. Whose fault is it? (feat. Lynda)
9. I think about you more
10. The Crime (feat. Heuss The Bastard)
11. Happy birthday mom
12. OK okay (feat. Gambi)
13. Call of Duty
14. Bellucci
15. Stay with me (feat. Imen Es)
16. She tracks she tracks
17. End of the album. THANKS