The Whole Truth / Season 2: Volume 1 - DVD

The Whole Truth / Season 2: Volume 1 - DVD

TVA Films
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What if sometimes life offered a second chance? What if Brigitte and Samuel, after coming close to breaking up, could enjoy common happiness? If Sylvain, after taking control of himself, could achieve his goal: to become crown again? You will first have to overcome a few obstacles. For Samuel and Brigitte, the main thing is Antoine's racist and violent drift while for Sylvain, it is his brand new sobriety that will have to hold out. As for the other prosecutors: the aftermath of the punch given to Judge Moreau continues to haunt Marc; a beautiful romance develops between Maxime and Geneviève; Véronique has heartbreaking choices to make while Dominique and Anaïs persevere in their plan to become mothers. Me Perfect has at least one flaw: he is not insensitive to Lisanne's charm.

“A good series to get your teeth into” - 7 days

“An intelligent series full of endearing characters” - La Presse

“Here is a touching and funny work” - Le Soleil