The Whole Truth / Season 2: Volume 2 - DVD

The Whole Truth / Season 2: Volume 2 - DVD

TVA Films
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In life as at court, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose: if the family of Brigitte and Samuel gains a new member with Julius, the clouds appear dangerously on the side of Samuel's son.

Sylvain doesn't feel like he's won the jackpot by seeing himself paired with Dominatrix on a complex case. Especially since Dominique now knows that there is a one in six chance that Sylvain is the father of the child Anaïs is carrying!

Marc, after losing his feathers at work, aspires to a richer private life, while the failure of his marriage turns for Véronique into an opportunity to find a new boyfriend.

And finally, what if it was Maxime who had the most to lose with Geneviève's ex who is trying to win her back?