The Whole Truth / Season 5 - DVD

The Whole Truth / Season 5 - DVD

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While the medical staff tries to save Patrice's life, Brigitte waits to tell him that she has left Samuel. The seas are also rough for Sylvain whose infidelities risk sounding the death knell for his romantic relationship with Véronique. At the crown, Dominique has his hands full with his position as chief prosecutor. Especially since its most experienced prosecutor is on parental leave; who would have predicted that such a small treasure of three kilos would weigh so heavily in the relations between Marc and Lauriane? Maxime and Julie show off their new love by plunging into a trial. Once again, our prosecutors will put all their strength into important legal battles; the time for fighting has come for our friends at the Crown.

“A good series to get your teeth into” - 7 days

“Over the years, The Whole Truth remains as relevant, intelligent, amusing and moving as ever. » - The Press

Season 5 received 6 nominations at the 2014 Gémeaux and 3 nominations at the 2014 Artis Gala

French only DVD: As Patrice fights for his life, Brigitte waits for him to recover to tell him that she ended her relationship with Samuel. Things are also turbulent for Sylvain who might ruin his relationship with Veronique because of his countless affairs. At the office, Dominique has her hands full with her new position as Chief-prosecutor. Her most competent lawyer has left for a paternity leave. Who would have thought that a newborn could cause so much trouble between Marc and Lauriane? Meanwhile Maxime and Julie enjoy their first moments as a couple. Once again the whole team of lawyers will have to work as hard as they can to win their important cases.