One in 2 / Season 3 (2014) - DVD

One in 2 / Season 3 (2014) - DVD

TVA Films
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Technical sheet

French language
Sound: 2.0 Dolby Stereo
Subtitles: None
Image format: 16:9
Duration: 460 minutes

Feeling remorseful, Luce admits to Louis that she exchanged a kiss with Michel. This incident does not prevent the two lovers from getting married and living together. For Michel, after a few unsuccessful attempts in the world of online dating, he can no longer lie to himself. The woman he wants is definitely Romane and their union is back on track.

Still in love, Maryse and Jean-François are thinking of renewing their wedding vows. Maryse, however, issues a condition that will turn their intimate lives upside down. A confession from Anton turns Nathalie's life upside down. Will their love survive?