Vagabonds / Hit the Road - LP Vinyl
Vagabonds / Hit the Road - LP Vinyl

Vagabonds / Hit the Road - LP Vinyl

Je me souviens / Propagande
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  • Available in 2 editions:
    1) Limited edition (50 copies): orange vinyl 140 g + CD (original 1995)
    2) Regular edition: 140 g black vinyl
  • Free download included, including the album " Hit the Road ", an unreleased album from 1999 (" 13 $teps ") as well as the demo (back when the band was called "The Bathroom Orkestraw"). 43 titles in total!!!

Album tracks:

In front of
1. Get Over U
2. The Waste
3. Hit the Road
4. Fatherly Love
5. Ignorance
6. Does It Matter?
7. Admit You're Wrong

Side B
1. Walk On
2. Atheist
3. Agoraman
4. Rock Pigs in a Blanket
5. Judgment Day
6. Black Bones
7. Ladder of Power
8. Insanity Asylum

In 1995, the Vagabonds released a cult record of old school Quebec punk: Hit the Road ! Propaganda , in association with Je me souvenir , is proud to present this 25th anniversary version. Getting back on the road has never been so worth the detour, if only for the remastering by Yannick Lapierre , made from the original DAT. Give your thumbs up and get on board, we're going to rock the boat!