Various Artists / Canadian Divas – Swingin' Easy - CD

Various Artists / Canadian Divas – Swingin' Easy - CD

Gala Records
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This Gala Records release features a fabulous line-up of the top female vocalists who left their mark on Canadian popular and jazz music. These are the gals who thrilled a generation of Canadians and Americans in ballrooms, cabarets, on stage, radio, and in early television from the 1930s to the 1960s.

A wonderful piece of Canadian musical heritage, this CD comes with a well documented booklet and includes rare photos.

Track Listing:

1. Let's Call It a Day / Sheila Graham
2. When the World Was Young / Sheila Graham
3. You Wonder Why / Babs Babineau
4. PS I Love You / Norma Locke
5. Won't You Love Me / Joan Fairfax
6. Try to Remember / Monique Leyrac
7. The Turntable Song / Deanna Durbin
8. Talk to me about love / Catherine McKinnon
9. Too close for Comfort / Gisele MacKenzie
10. Besame Mucho / Dorothy Collins
11. Fact of the Matter / Terry Dale
12. The Man I love / Phyllis Marshall
13. Heart of Mine / Georgia Dey
14. I Like It, I Like It, I Like It / Joan Fairfax
15. The Nearness of You / Gisele MaKenzie
16. Something Old, Something New / Norma Locke
17. Until It's Time for You to Go / Juliette
18. How Will I Know / Babs Babineau
19. You'll never get away / Maxine Ware
20. Chica Chica Boom Chic / Alys Robi
21. Speak Low / Lorraine MacAllister
22. He Was a Gentleman / Beatrice Lillie
24. It's Foolish but It's Fun / Deanna Durbin
25. The Party's Over Now / Beatrice Lillie