Yannick Rieu / Qui Qu'en Grogne - CD

Yannick Rieu / Qui Qu'en Grogne - CD

Yari Productions
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Album tracks:

1. Whoever Grumbles
2. Song Sisters
3. Right Riff
4. Time is, Life Was
5. The philosopher
6. Pretext
7. Pharaoh
8. Porta di Cinese

Recognized as one of the most talented saxophonists on the world scene, notably by the American jazz bible Down Beat, composer and saxophonist Yannick Rieu has performed throughout the world where he has won awards and praise, both for his records as well as for his performances on stage.

Yannick Rieu offers a return to his origins and his primary influences based on an original repertoire which takes its source from the “classic” Jazz Quartets, namely piano, double bass, drums and saxophone. Simple melodies from which the group improvises and develops these themes to make them more complex, taking them further. Speech and dialogue intertwine here to achieve an overall sound and unity which are the bases of this music called “jazz”.