ZKR / In the hands - CD
ZKR / In the hands - CD
ZKR / In the hands - CD
ZKR / In the hands - CD

ZKR / In the hands - CD

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  • CD Jewel Case

    Album tracks:

    1. Intro #9
    2. There's too much
    3. Crime romance
    4. Like a junkie
    5. Pursuit (feat. Koba LaD)
    6. 59 carats
    7. The Wire
    8. Well wow
    9. Do you see how? (feat. PLK)
    10. Same values
    11. I did the trick
    12. HLM (feat. Leto)
    13. Millionaire smile
    14. Arabic work (feat. Niro)
    15. Character
    16. Why?
    17. Hard life
    18. Over there
    19. Beautiful glow
    20. Lost
    21. At a standstill

    Three consonants, no vowels, his stage name is as effective as his music; ZKR gets to the point and brings back precise phrasing, complex rhyme schemes and a flow of powerful musicality for his young age. ZKR is the original spirit of hip-hop, of battles, where it literally transpires to rhyme its truth, it is also modern beats and featurings with the cool kids of French rap.

    With his first album “ Dans les mains ”, from which “ Romance culturelle ” and “ Pursuit ” featuring Koba LaD are extracted, ZKR broadens his field of action, from the street to a slightly more mainstream sound.

    The artist punches his street life in the conscious mind of those who preceded him, with insolence and wisdom.