Robert Charlebois / Gentle Savage - CD

Robert Charlebois / Gentle Savage - CD

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Album tracks:

1. It was a very good year
2. Instead of working
3. The Americans
4. Waves
5. Alcohol
6. The demoness
7. Funeral Blues
8. I can't do it
9. Full moon
10. If
11. Farewell
12. My best friend
13. Come to my house I don't have TV
14. Wichitai-to

Robert Charlebois offers Doux Sauvage , a balance sheet album, extremely personal, imbued with simplicity and authenticity. This phonogram comes after 35 years of career, a rich and essential journey in the landscape of song in Quebec and throughout the Francophonie.

Doux Sauvage was recorded and produced with pleasure and freedom in Montreal at Studio 270 after a full year of reflection and work. Doux Sauvage is an organic and contemporary album, which returns to the sources of the folk and pop musical influences which have marked the music and writing of Robert Charlebois .

We find on the album Dominique Lanoie (guitars, dobro, lapsteel), Rémi Leclerc (drums and percussion) and Frédéric Beauséjour (bass and double bass). Robert Charlebois joins them on piano or guitar on the majority of songs with an avowed and contagious pleasure which contributes to giving this very particular color to the new album. Led by Robert Charlebois in the prime of his life…