Robert Charlebois / Et voilà - LP Vinyl
Robert Charlebois / Et voilà - LP Vinyl

Robert Charlebois / Et voilà - LP Vinyl

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  • 180 g vinyl record

    Album tracks:

    In front of
    1. Lack of self-confidence
    2. Mr. Engineer (duet with Louise Forestier)
    3. Chamber music
    4. Books and me
    5. There you go

    Side B
    1. The divine
    2. Girls my age
    3. Johnny
    4. So Much Love
    5. Madly in love with you

    Time clearly has little influence on Robert Charlebois . Highly relevant and still just as cool at the dawn of his 75th birthday, he is launching a 25th album: Et voilà .

    We hear ten new songs where, with humor, melancholy and poetry, the artist takes a retrospective look at his life, the man realizes that the years are flying by. This disc thus marks many beautiful and numerous reunions.

    First with Louise Forestier who joins him for a duet where the magic happens, once again; it is also lost and found texts, including a particularly biting one by friend Réjean Ducharme ; it is the love that he declares to women and to his own above all; it’s a tip of the hat to two giants: Johnny and Elvis; it's Charlebois who reconnects with rock'n'roll with a text written to measure by Simon Proulx ! Gus Van Go and Werner F. produced it.

    It is surrounded by two young New Yorkers from the hip-hop scene, the multi-instrumentalist Jesse Signer and the keyboardist Chris Soper , that Robert Charlebois recorded Et Voilà at the Boiler Room studios in Brooklyn.

    This remarkable blending of generations and musical backgrounds has proven to be prolific and the result is a happy fusion of influences on each of the songs on the record.